Our Range of Hand Baked Dog Treats

All of our healthy, tasty and nutritious dog treats that are hand baked to perfection.

Bad Breath Busters

Bad dog breath be gone! Bad Breath Busters are fantastic for looking after your dog's teeth and gums!

Lean Turkey Crunchies

BarkBites Lean Turkey Crunchies helping your dog to indulge in a tasty treat while losing weight happily!

Chicken Tasty Bites

With 80% human grade fresh Chicken, Rice and Peas, your dog will be wagging its tail in excitement for one of these deliciously tasty BarkBites treats!

Brainy Bones Biscuits

The training treat of champions, BarkBites' Brainy Bones feature a healthy recipe, and are hand baked for perfection!

Super Salmon Swirls

Packed with fresh fish and joint building power, Super Salmon Swirls can help put the spring back in your dog's step!

Coconut Crunchy Cones

Packed with tasty Lamb and Coconut, these Coconut Cones help your dog attain that movie star hair do!

Cheesy Chicken Bites

The tasty and safe way for your dog to enjoy the great taste of cheese - say cheese and woof!

Sweet Dream Delights

These Sweet Dreams may soon have your dogs chasing rabbits in their sleep, hand baked with healthy calming ingredients.

Herbal Tummy Soothers

The tastiest turkey, the most delicate herbs and the healthiest dogs with the happiest tummies

Rich Venison Cubes

BarkBites Rich Venison Cubes contain 70% human grade venison meat. Naturally lean and low in fat and with more iron than any other meat.

Hearty Beef Chunks

Few dogs would sniff at the idea of chomping a BarkBites Hearty Beef Chunk made with super tasty 80% human grade Beef meat.