Delicious treats to reward your dog and guaranteed to make your dog the star of any training circuit!!


Brainy Bones Biscuits

The training treat of champions, BarkBites' Brainy Bones feature a healthy recipe, and are hand baked for perfection!

  • Strong Bones
  • Brain Development and Learning
  • Effective Digestion
  • Wheat Free

Give your dog the perfect treat to turn them into a training champion – BarkBites' Brainy Bones are hand baked with natural ingredients to give your dog the nutrition and incentive it needs to train hard, getting the best out of every session.

That’s why we created treats like BarkBites' Brainy Bones, made from natural ingredients, they help your dog develop a settled and focused mind due to the natural krill in the recipe, giving your dog a dose of DHA and EPA to help cognitive development.

But brain function isn’t the end of the story – this treat contains real salmon , making it naturally delicious for your dog, as well as healthier. Real salmon contains Omega fats too, to help with skin and coat condition.

With a little added cheese for calcium and great taste, and baked with potato flakes and rice flour for easier, wheat-free digestion, Brainy Bones are a great way to reward your dog during training, without causing bad tummies while they exercise, and without adding too many calories to their diet.

Available only with BarkBites subscriptions, this is another great, healthy hand baked dog treat to help your dog with everyday life, health and happiness.


  • Strong Bones Cheese a source of calcium to help develop strong bones
  • Brain Development and Learning Krill rich in DHA and EPA known to help support cognitive development
  • Effective Digestion Yucca to help support a developing digestive system
  • Wheat Free Helps support digestion in dogs sensitive to wheat

Rice Flour, Potato Flakes, Salmon fillet (14%), Potato Flour, Fresh Cheese (4%), Krill (4%), Egg Powder (3%), Mint (1.2%), Cellulose, Broth, Parsley (0.6%), Nutritional Yeast, Dill (0.3%), Eucalyptus Leaf (0,3%), Curcuma, Dried Yucca (0.1%).

Analytical Constituents
Protein 12%, Crude Fibres 4%, Fat 6%, Crude Ash 3%, Moisture 9%.