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Heavy Chomper - Durable Treat Box for Eager Chewers

Heavy Chomper - Durable Treat Box for Eager Chewers

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Meet the Ultimate Chewer's Delight – The 'Heavy Chomper' Treat Box by Bark Bites!

Created for dogs over 10kg who adore a good, long chew, the 'Heavy Chomper' is a treasure trove of 12-16 robust treats (depending on availability), each selected for its lasting appeal and deliciousness. This box is a canine chewer's paradise, packed with favorites like durable Trachea chews and tough Hooves.

Our commitment to your dog's wellbeing means every treat in this box is natural, free from preservatives, and contains absolutely no Rawhide. Perfect for keeping your dog happily occupied, promoting dental health, and redirecting their chewing instincts in a positive way.

Suitable for dogs 10kg+

The 'Heavy Chomper' box includes:

  • 20cm Pizzle for strength-building chewing
  • 2 x Beef Muscle Chews & 2 x Trachea for sustained enjoyment
  • Roast Beef Chew (150g) for a meaty treat
  • Braided Tendon & Cow Hoof for texture variety
  • 2 x Pork Rind Bars, 2 x Hairy Rabbit Ears, Goat Ear, and Pig's Ear for diverse flavours

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