Read how the BarkBites journey started!

About Us

The BarkBites journey starts a few years ago, and ends with friends James and Antony creating some of the best dog treats ever made, all based on natural ingredients that are perfect for your dog, not just perfect for profit margins and revenue like so many dog treats on the market.

James and Antony are big dog lovers, and were sick and tired of trying to find dog treats that were all natural, and not filled with nasty bits to help colour or flavour them.

The answer soon became obvious – "Let's make our own dog treats!"

Lady luck struck when they found Emma – she knew everything there was to know about what dogs need from their diet, and understood just what James and Antony were trying to do, so with a little kitchen wizardry she helped cook up the BarkBites range of fantastic dog treats.

Now based just outside Manchester in the North West, BarkBites send their dog treats far and wide, helping to satisfy the needs of dogs all over the UK, with great flavours and nutrients that can really make a difference to their health and happiness – a real success story!