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Sensitive Soul – Gentle Treat Selection for Sensitive Dogs


Introducing ‘Sensitive Soul’ by Bark Bites: The Ideal Treat Box for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

We understand that some of our four-legged friends have delicate digestion. That’s why we’ve carefully put together the ‘Sensitive Soul’ Treat Box, featuring all-natural, easily digestible treats perfect for sensitive dogs. Each treat is selected for its hypoallergenic properties and gentle nature, ensuring a safe and enjoyable snacking experience for your dog.

From hypoallergenic Hairy Rabbit Ears to easily digestible Puffed Chicken Feet, every item in this box is chosen to offer your dog a delightful yet gentle treat. We believe in natural goodness, so you won’t find any preservatives or Rawhide in our treats – just wholesome, natural ingredients for your sensitive companion.

The ‘Sensitive Soul’ box is suitable for all dogs weighing 5kg and above and includes:

  • 6 x Hairy Rabbit Ears for gentle chewing
  • 2 x Puffed Pig Snouts & 3 x Puffed Chicken Feet for easy digestion
  • 2 x Skinny Pizzle & Roast Beef Chew (150g) for satisfying, light snacks
  • 10 x Liver/Venison Sausages, perfect for sensitive tummies

Please note: In the event of stock shortages, items will be replaced with similar treats of equal value.

Give your sensitive pup the gift of ‘Sensitive Soul’ and watch them enjoy these gentle, tasty treats!

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